Tuesday, August 25, 2015


             (Yes, God does care about what you wear)

Welcome to Fashion 4 God! My blog is about how to be fashionable but modest in God's eyes. Have you ever been annoyed when a girl comes up towards you at the shopping isle and her shirt is like hanging half of her shoulder and her shorts and mini-shorts you can almost see her undergarments? I have. It is not modest in God's eyes. Being modest means COVERING UP what God made for you and not exposing it to the public. Most girls are trying to be cool. If you are 10 AND UNDER I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU READING THIS BLOG AS WE WILL BE GETTING INTO SOME DEEP STUFF (BUT NOT THAT DEEP). I am 16 and I became a Christian when I was 13. When I was ten...well I used to be the girl who walked around with her shirt hanging off her shoulder and wearing mini-shorts...but now? I wear fashionable and modest clothing. My shirts cover my shoulder (you cant see really well in my profile picture) and my shorts, skirts and things are finger down, if my arm is shorter then my outfits I DONT WEAR IT. Please follow my blog! I will post 2 times a week!